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27 Feb 2019
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Specification of 107

Fluke 107 Review

The Fluke 107 is a useful electrician’s multimeter that is super-compact and sleek. Part of the compact 100 series of ‘budget’ meters, it can do most things that full range meters do, including measure current, capacitance and millivolts. This is an auto ranging meter with backlit screen and good category rating that also comes with a magnetic strap.

Key Features


  • Measures AC/DC voltage and curren
  • Measures resistance and capacitance
  • Measures frequency and duty cycle
  • Continuity and diode checker
  • Backlit display with data hold
  • Auto off
  • Size: 142mm x 69mm x 28mm
  • Weight: 200g


  1. Meter and batteries (x2 AAA)
  2. Test leads
  3. Magnetic strap/stand
  4. Instructions

fluke 107 manual

In-depth Review of the 107

Although classed and touted as a pocket multimeter, the 107 is a little on the large side when the leads are plugged in; say, compared with the PM55A, which is a true pocket multimeter. It is not really suited to heavy electronics as there are no milliamps/micro-amps ranges and millivolts is AC only.

It auto-ranges, though there is no button to manual range. This isn’t a problem for most tasks, aside from perhaps to pick up a low, oscillating voltage. Continuity is quick enough and has a latching, non-scratchy beeper.


AC voltage (40-500Hz)6V / 600V±(1.0%+3)0.001-0.1V
AC Millivolts600mV±(3.0%+3)0.1mV
DC voltage6V / 600V±(0.5%+3)0.001-0.1V
AC current (40-200Hz)4A / 10A±(1.5%+3)0.001-0.01A
DC current4A / 10A±(1.5%+3)0.001-0.01A
Resistance400Ω / 40MΩ±(0.5%+2) @ 4-400kΩ0.1Ω-0.01MΩ
Capacitance50nF / 1000μF±(2.0%+5) @ 50-500nF0.01nF-1μF
Frequency50Hz / 100kHz±(0.1%+3)0.01Hz-0.1kHz
Duty cycle1% / 99%~±1.0% 
Diode test2V±10%0.001V

Build Quality

Like all Flukes, the 107 is very well built. As with the 110 series, these models are made in China to keep costs down. It does not detract from the quality, however, with a solid case, dial and buttons. It is light and compact, fits well in the hand and has an integrated plastic holster to keep the size down. This would provide less protection during drops.

The interface is also raised so opens it up to bangs. There’s no built-in tilting bail, but it ships with a magnetic strap which can be hung and folded into a stand. Probes are TL75s and are flexible and decent quality, though they are quite long. The battery compartment is easy to get at via a lock screw.

Interface and Function

The display is nicely backlit and is to 6000 counts, updating at three times a second. It is crisp and clear, but may wash out when viewed at an angle. The rest of the facade is also clear, with most ranges having a dedicated dial position – aside from resistance, continuity and diode checker.

Frequency and duty cycle are button controlled, along with the select and hold features. The buttons are rubbery and solid to the touch.

Battery/power down: Battery life is a touted 200 hours. Use of the backlight may reduce this somewhat. The backlight will automatically power off after a couple of minutes of inactivity. Auto power-off is set at 20 minutes.


The Fluke 107 is fused, with a large HRC-type, fast blow fuse rated to 11A. There is just the one fuse as there is no low current input on this meter. Input protection is excellent as with any other Fluke, with MOVs, PTC and current limiting resistor. It is rated to CAT-III @ 600V, so can handle 6kV surges. The probes are rated to CAT-IV at the same ground voltage.

Pros and Cons


  • Compact, nice feel
  • Solid build
  • Good input protection
  • Measures most ranges
  • Backlit screen
  • Fits in overall pockets


  • No manual rang
  • No Min/Max
  • No low current input


The Fluke 107 review has a well rated multimeter that fits in the hand nicely. It can measure most test ranges, including amperage and capacitance, but would not be the ideal tool for electronics. Build quality and leads are good and it has a backlit display, where the 101 does not. A very capable meter that has an optional carry case.

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :



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