AT1000 Potentiometric Titrator with 1 Burette – Model AT1102
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21 Jan 2020

Specification of

AT1000 Potentiometric Titrator with 1 Burette – Model AT1102

Simply add your sample, press the button and read your titration results

The AT1102 model is an accurate, reliable and easy to use instrument for performing titrations in the laboratory. This titrator was designed in Germany as part of the Hach Titralab® AT1000 family of automatic titrators and includes one burette and two measurement inputs. The titrator is delivered preassembled for easy installation and does not require complex programming like other titration systems on the market. This system offers superb dependability so you don’t suffer from downtime and it is easy to use for all skill levels, reducing operator training and process time. In fact, with an autotitrator the operator will be able to begin preparing the next sample while the instrument is performing the current measurement, thus improving lab throughput. More importantly however, the automatic titrator eliminates manual processes and operator interpretation, significantly improving accuracy and reliability so you can trust your measurements from day to day. If you perform any of the titrations listed in the Application Packs section below this is the instrument for you!

Application Packs

The AT1102 instrument can be used with the following Hach Application Packs:

- pH & Alkalinity in Water (Hach p/n AP0001.AT1102)

- pH/Alkalinity & Conductivity (Hach p/n AP0002.AT1102)

- FOS/TAC - Volatile Acids & Alkalinity in Biogas (Hach p/n AP0006.AT1102)

- pH & Total Acidity in Wine & Juices (Hach p/n AP0008.AT1102)

- TAN (Hach p/n AP0015.AT1102)

- TBN (Hach p/n AP0016.AT1102)

- BR₂/I₂ Number (Hach p/n AP0018.AT1102)

Each application pack includes a pre-programmed application that runs on the instrument as well as a set of accessories necessary to perform your titrations. Please review the specific webpage for each application pack for further details, and we suggest selecting your Application Pack before your instrument. If you haven’t found the application pack that meets your needs on this page please enter “AT1000 Application Pack” in the search field, hit enter and then click on the “PRODUCT FAMILY: AT1000 Application Packs” to see the full list of Hach’s AT1000 Application Packs.

Ordering Information

A base titration system consists of an Application Pack and an Instrument, so please make sure you add the Application Pack you’ve chosen and the Instrument (in this case Hach p/n AT1102) to your Hach order. In addition, make sure you added the reagents required to perform your titration measurements when selecting your Application Pack. If you did not do this yet, navigate to the Application Pack website, review the method found under the “Parameter/Reagent” tab for a list of reagents and then select what you need from the “Consumables” tab. If you have any questions about the instrument, the application packs or the reagents after reviewing our website content please contact Hach Technical support. We have a great team of experts who can quickly and painlessly guide you through the process.

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AT1102 Key Benefits

  • Accurate and Reliable Titration Results
  • Easy to Use for all Operators
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Improves Lab Safety
  • Low Maintenance

Accurate and Reliable Titration Results

  • Eliminates errors in manual processes and operator interpretation

  • Pre-programmed titration methods automatically detect endpoints and perform calculations

  • High resolution electronic burette with 20,000 steps

  • High performance probes for reliable measurements

Easy to Use for all Operators

  • Press one button to get the correct result

  • Operators of all skill levels can get accurate measurements

  • No need for custom programming with Hach’s unique application specific routines

  • Simple user interface with large color display that shows the titration curve as it is measuring

  • USB ports to quickly and easily capture data to a PC and attach optional keyboard/mouse or printer

Low Cost of Ownership

  • Reduces the amount of reagent used for every titration cutting cost of ownership month after month

  • Increases lab throughput by allowing operator to prepare next sample while titrator performs measurement

  • Adding an AS1000 sample changer allows the operator to load multiple samples and come back for results later

Improves Lab Safety

  • Minimizes direct contact with reagents

  • No need for potentially dangerous colored indicators

  • Instrument can be easy and safely moved thanks to the compact design

Low Maintenance

  • Reliable design significantly reduces downtime

  • Extended periods between maintenance routines

  • Maintenance is simple and easy to perform

 What's in the box?

Hach AT1102 Instrument, Tube Holder, Sensor Storage Tubes, Power Supply, Power Cord, Manual

Sold Separately: Don't forget to order your Application Pack and Reagents and consider purchasing an AS1000 Sample Changer!



Supported peripherals: printer, PC software, balance, sample changer, keyboard, mouse, barcode reader, sampling pump, propeller stirrer



Automatic Reagent Addition(s):

Integrated peristaltic pumps for reagent addition

Beaker Volumes Accepted:

System specific beakers: Polypropylene, 50 mL & 150 mL with clips

Generic beakers supported: Up to 250 mL low form glass



Burette: Volumes Available:

2.5/5/10/25 mL, ISO8655-3

Burette Motor Resolution:

20,000 steps with electronic µstepping technology (128 µsteps/step)


Titrant & electrode (up to 5 buffers in Auto Mode, fixed & user defined)

Calibration Curves Display:

Direct & derivative titration curves, electrode calibration curve

Calibration Intervals/Alerts/Reminder:

Yes, user defined period


Safety IEC/EN 61010-1; EMC IEC/EN 61326-1

Data Export:

On USB flash drive, CSV format, Excel compatible

Data Memory:

Last 100 samples, QC & blank analyses, last 10 calibrations

Data Storage:

Date, Time, Operator IDs, Sample IDs

Display Type:

5,7"; Graphic color; VGA


IntelliCAL ("Plug & Play" digital), analog, photocolorimetric; 2 Inputs available

Embedded Procedures:

Tubing bubble purging, reagent priming, burette and pump replacement

Installation Category:

Category II


English, German, French, Italian, Spanish

Maintenance Scheduler:

Yes, user defined

Material Enclosures:

PP Latene, silicone, hardened glass, POM, stainless steel. Splashproof design.

Measurement Method:

Potentiometric (zero & imposed current), amperometric, colorimetric

Measurement Modes:

End Point, Inflection Point - sample, blank, sample with blank, QC sample, QC sample with blank


mV/pH, Conductivity, Temperature (°C or °F)



Operating Conditions:

15 - 35 °C (59 - 95 °F), 20 - 80 % RH, non-condensing

Operating Humidity:

20 - 80 % (non-condensing)

Operating Interface:

Soft keypad (Silicone)

Operating Temperature Range:

15 - 35 °C (59 - 95 °F)


Electrode ports (x2), USB (x2), Serial (x1), Ethernet (x1)


mV/pH, Conductivity, Temperature

Password Protection:

Yes, user defined

Pollution Degree:


Power Requirements (Hz):

50/60 Hz

Power Requirements (Voltage):

100/240 VAC

Pump flow rate:

100 mL/min





Required Application Package/s:

AP0001.AT1102 pH & Alkalinity in Water

AP0006.AT1102 Volatile Acids & Alkalinity (Biogas)

AP0008.AT1102 pH, Total Acidity (Milk, Tomato Sauce, & Fruit Juice)

AP0015.AT1102 TAN

AP0016.AT1102 TBN


Conductivity: ±0.5 % of reading


mV/pH: ±0.1 mV / ±0.001 pH


Temperature: ±0.3 °C

Sample Stand:

Integrated, magnetic stirring, beakers up to 250 mL

Storage Conditions:

-5 - 40 °C

Supported Peripherals:

Printer, PC software, balance, sample changer, keyboard, mouse, barcode reader, sampling pump, propeller stirrer

Titration Modes:

Sample, blank, sample with blank, QC sample, QC sample with blank

Titration Types:

Potentiometric (zero & imposed current), amperometric, colorimetric


1 year


4 kg

Parameter/Range/Reagent Information

Acid-BaseMethodRangeReagent Set(s)USEPA Compliant? AT1000 Total Acid Number (TAN) Titration Automatic Titrator Method0.05 - 260 mg/L TANView  AT1000 Total Base Number (TBN) Titration Automatic Titrator Method1 - 100 mg/L TBNView AcidityMethodRangeReagent Set(s)USEPA Compliant? AT1000 Acidity in Milk Titration Automatic Titrator Method7 - 85 C₃H₆O₃ dg/LView  AT1000 Acidity in Tomato Sauce Titration Automatic Titrator Method2 - 24.3 g/L Citric Acid   AT1000 Acidity in Wine, Juice Titration Automatic Titrator Method2 - 24.3 g/L Citric Acid  AlkalinityMethodRangeReagent Set(s)USEPA Compliant? AT1000 Alkalinity Automatic Titrator Method40 - 2000 mg/L CaCO₃View BromineMethodRangeReagent Set(s)USEPA Compliant? AT1000 Bromine Number ASTM D1159-07 Bromine Number0.500 - 200/100 g g Br₂  FOS/TACMethodRangeReagent Set(s)USEPA Compliant? AT1000 FOS/TAC Automatic Titrator Method400 - 25000 mg/L CaCO₃View  AT1000 FOS/TAC Automatic Titrator Method600 - 80000 mg/L CH₃COOHView 

Part Number



Measurement Method

Required Application Package/s

USD Price



10Potentiometric (zero & imposed current), amperometric, colorimetricAP0001.AT1102 pH & Alkalinity in Water

AP0006.AT1102 Volatile Acids & Alkalinity (Biogas)

AP0008.AT1102 pH, Total Acidity (Milk, Tomato Sauce, & Fruit Juice)

AP0015.AT1102 TAN

AP0016.AT1102 TBNContact HachAT1112.97


11Potentiometric (zero & imposed current), amperometric, colorimetricAP0003.AT1112 Ca & Mg Hardness in water

AP0010.AT1112 Salt in food productsContact HachAT1122.97


12Potentiometric (zero & imposed current), amperometric, colorimetricAP0007.AT1122 Free & Total Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Chlorite, & Sulfite (Autocat)

AP0012.AT1122 Free & Total SO₂ in wineContact HachAT1222.97


22Potentiometric (zero & imposed current), amperometric, colorimetricAP0005.AT1222 pH, Alkalinity & Hardness in Water

AP0011.AT1222 pH, Total Acidity & Chlorides in Food & Beverage

AP0013.AT1222 pH, Total Acidity, Free & Total SO₂ in WineContact HachKF1121.97


12Volumetric Karl Fischer, AC or DC imposed currentAP0014.KF1121 Moisture ContentContact Hach8606600





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