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Brand Dispensette® S - Analog - with Safety Prime
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- Innovative product highlights at a glance:

 - New discharge tube, with or without recirculation valve.

 - New valve system - no additional sealing rings required.

 - This greatly facilitates cleaning and preparations for autoclaving.

 - Simple priming by optimized flow channels.

 - Less dispensing force - especially with large volume instruments.

 - Safe volume setting with internal scalloped track (analog-adjustable instruments).

 - Pivoted screw cap - does not disturb dispensing.

 - New instrument size 1 ml - digital and analog-adjustable models.

- Proven technology:

 - Autoclavable at 121°C.

 - Easy to dismantle for cleaning. 

 - Replacable filling and discharge valve with safety bulb (locks when discharge tube is not assembled).

 - The 360° rotatable valve block allows the bottle label to face the user.

 - Telescoping filling tube adjusts easily to different size bottles.

 - DE-M marking.

- Items supplied:

 - Dispensette® S bottle-top dispenser.

 - DE-M marking, with performance certificate.

 - Telescoping filling tube.

 - Recirculation valve.

 - Recirculation tube (optional).

 - Mounting tool and adapters of polypropylene.

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