CASELLA CEL240/K1 Portable Sound Level Meter

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02 May 2023
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Specification of CASELLA CEL240/K1 Portable Sound Level Meter

Casella CEL’s CEL-240 series of general purpose digital sound level meters combine the power of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) with the affordability and simplicity of traditional analog sound monitoring instruments. The CEL-240 series includes two primarily instrument types, the CEL-240 and CEL-242 basic sound meters, and the CEL-244 and CEL-246 integrating meters. The CEL-242/246 feature basic datalogging capabilities. CEL-240 sound level meters are suitable for a range of simple noise measurement applications, are ideal for industrial hygiene measurement of workplace noise, and comply with ANSI and IEC Type 2 accuracy specifications.

All CEL-240 series sound level meters support two measurement ranges and can display maximum and instantaneous values. In addition, the CEL-244/246 support the time average values Leq or Lavg. The CEL-240 supports impulse, fast, and slow time weightings on A or C scale. Other CEL-240 features include a wide sound monitoring range from 30–130 dB, a monochrome LCD screen, scrolling sound level display, and auto-calibration at either 114 or 94 1 kHz decibel levels.

Digital output of audio is possible through USB and the CEL-240 can also provide an audio feed to a computer or external recorder through a 2.5 mm audio jack. Standard measurement and optional computer output kits are available. CEL-240 series instruments are powered by three AA alkaline batteries for up to 35 hours of use and can also be powered continuously through a computer or a mains-to-USB adapter.

4 models; 2 basic sound meters, 2 integrating meters
Output to PC for simple data logging capabilities (select models)
Wide sound monitoring range from 30–130 dB
Impulse, Fast, Slow time weightings on A or C scale
Auto calibration at either 114 or 94 1 kHz decibel level
Large monochrome graphic LCD with numeric and bar graph output
Screen displays current, highest, time average noise levels
Scrolling display of sound level
3 AA alkaline batteries for up to 35 hours of use

What's in the Box:
(1) Instrument
(1) CEL-110/2 Accoustic Calibrator
(1) Small Foam Windscreen
(1) CEL-6840 Carrying Case
(1) Wrist Strap
(3) AA Batteries
(1) Calibration Certificate

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