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20 Feb 2019
Country Origin
American Samoa
Minimum Order

Specification of DR2800

Accessories:Rechargeable lithium battery LZV551
Tungsten Lamp LZV565
Cuvette/ Sample cell adapter 10 mm (A) LZV583
Cuvette/ Sample cell adapter 1 inch (C) LZV584
Light Shield LZV646
Cell adapter for Pour-Thru Cell (B) LZV585
Cell adapter set (cuvette adapters A, B, and C) LZV647
Wall power supply LZV610
Protective Cover and adapter holder LZV642
Dust cover HYH019
USB-Memory Stick LZV568
USB-Interface Cable (1 m) LZV567
USB-Keyboard (keyboard layout: US) LZV582
USB-Barcode Scanner (handset scanner) LZV566
Pour-Thru Kit 5940400
Cuvette/ Sample cell set (1-inch square cuvettes/cells, matched pair in OS grade (10 mL) 2495402
HACH LANGE DataTrans (PC software for data transfer) LZY274
Certified test filter set for self-checks (6 precision glass filters with target values) LZV537

Automatic Method Recognition:N/A

Data Logger:DR2800: 500 Points

Data Storage:500 points

Display:Backlit Grayscale LCD Touch Screen

Enclosure Rating:IP42

Interfaces:1 x USB type A; 1 x USB type B (10 ft (3 m) cable, maximum)

Length:333 mm

Manual Languages:Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, 
Dutch, English, English, French, 
French-Canadian, German, Greek, 
Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, 
Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese-Brasilian, 
Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, 
Spanish, Spanish-South America, Swedish, Turkish

Max. operating humidity:80 %

Max. Storage Humidity:80 %

Operating Conditions:10 - 40 °C (50 - 104 °F); 80% relative humidity, non-condensing, maximum

Operating Mode:Transmittance (%), Absorbance, and Concentration

Optical System:Reference beam, spectral

Photometric Accuracy:5 mAbs @ 0.0 - 0.5 Abs

Photometric Accuracy 2:1 % at 0.50 - 2.0 Abs

Photometric Linearity:< 0.5 % up to 2 Abs

Photometric Linearity 2:≤ 1 % at> 2 Abs

Photometric Measuring Range:± 3 Abs in the wavelength range 340 - 900 nm

Power requirements (Hz):50/60 Hz

Power requirements (Voltage):110 - 240 V AC

Power Supply:Line/Battery (optional)

Preprogrammed Methods:DR 2800: > 240 Pre-programmed Water Analysis Methods

Sample cell compatibility:1-in. square; 1-in. round; 1 cm square; 5x1 cm rectangular; 13 mm round; 16 mm round; multipath 1-in./1 cm; Pour-Thru with 1-in./1 cm pathlengths; AccuVac Ampules

Sample Cell Compatibility:1-in. square; 1-in. round; 1 cm square; 5x1 cm rectangular; 13 mm round; 16 mm round; multipath 1-in./1 cm; Pour-Thru with 1-in./1 cm pathlengths; AccuVac Ampules

Storage conditions:-40 °C to 60 °C ; 80% relative humidity

Stray Light:< 0.2 %T at 340 nm with KV450/3; <0.1 %T at 340 nm with NaNO2

User Interface Languages:Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish (Please contact your Hach representative for availability of additional languages.)

User Programs:DR 2800: 50

Warranty:12 months

Wavelength Accuracy:± 1.5 nm

Wavelength Calibration:Automatic

Wavelength Range:DR 2800: 340 - 900 nm

Wavelength Resolution:1 nm

Wavelength Selection:Automatic: based on selected program method
Automatic: based on barcode printed on TNTplus™ reagent vials (DR 2800 only)
Manual: in all modes excep

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