KV5000 Kinematic Viscosity Bath with Optical Flow Detection System
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02 May 2019
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American Samoa
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Specification of KV5000 Kinematic Viscosity Bath with Optical Flow Detection System


Kinematic viscosity is of primary importance in the design and selection of a wide range of petroleum products. Calibrated capillary viscometers are used to measure flow under gravity or vacuum at precisely controlled temperatures.

KV5000 model Kinematic Viscosity Baths with optical flow detection system provide automatic viscosity measurements of petroleum and petrochemical products. Includes communication and power ports for each optical detection assembly, and can utilize up to five optical assemblies. Two additional positions are available for manual viscosity measurements, and all positions can be used in the manual mode. The interchangeable Ubbelohde, Cannon®- Fenske, and Cannon®- Fenske Opaque Reverse Flow viscometer tubes are quickly installed and removed from the detection assemblies for cleaning and simple tube changes. Allows for automatic viscosity measurements and results calculation without an external PC. Motorized stirrer provides complete circulation without turbulence. Microprocessor PID circuitry assures precise, reliable temperature control within ASTM specified tolerances throughout the operating range. Simple push-button controls and dual digital displays permit easy setting and monitoring of temperature. Two place calibration offset capability is provided. Built-in cooling coil facilitates temperature control at ambient or below ambient temperatures.
The Kinematic Viscosity Software Package automatically downloads test data and calculates final test results from sample efflux times. Also included is a database for storing test data, determining test averages, standard deviations, and ASTM test repeatability as well as providing a method for tracking both instrument and viscometer tube calibrations.

Conforms to the specifications of: 

ASTM D445, D2170, D6074, D6158; IP 71, 319; ISO 3104; DIN 51550; FTM 791-305; NF T 60-100

Temperature Control Range: Ambient to 150°C (302°F); sub-ambient to 10°C with external cooling

Display: 0.1 °C / 0.1 °F resolution, calibrate to 0.01 °C / 0.01 °F

Control accuracy and uniformity: Exceeds ASTM requirements throughout the operating range

Timing: Integrated timing function within Touch Screen Control Panel  displayed to 0.1 seconds and accurate within 0.01%

Communication: RS232, RS485 port

Viscometer ports: Seven round 2" (51mm) ports

Bath Medium: Water or suitable heat transfer fluid

Bath Capacity:


12": 5.8 gal (22L)
18": 8.9 gal (33.7L)


12" Bath: 20 ¼ x 15 ¼ x 24 ½ (51x39x62)
18" Bath:20 ¼ x 15 ¼ x 30 ½ (51x39x77)

Net Weight
12" Bath Net Weight: 85 lbs (38.6kg)
18" Bath Net Weight: 90 lbs (41kg)

Shipping Weight

12" Bath Depth: 100 lbs  (45.4 kg)  
18" Bath Depth: 120 lbs  (54.5kg)  


12" Bath Depth: 28x24x33 in. (71.12x60.96x83.82 cm) 
18" Bath Depth: 28x24x33 in. (71.12x60.96x83.82 cm

  • K23780-SFW-A KV5000 Kinematic Viscosity Software Package                               
  • K23780-CF Optical Sensor for Cannon®-Fenske Viscometer Tubes
  • 378-025-C01-OS thru 378-700-C01-OS Cannon®-Fenske Viscometer Tubes, Size 25 thru 700
  • K23780-RF Optical Sensor for Cannon®-Fenske Opaque Reverse Flow Viscometer Tubes
  • 378-025-C02-OS thru 378-700-C02-OS Cannon®-Fenske Opaque Reverse Flow Viscometer Tubes, Size 25 thru 700
  • K23780-UB Optical Sensor for Ubbelohde Viscometer Tubes
  • 378-000-C03-OS thru 378-005-C03-OS Ubbelohde Viscometer Tubes, Size 0 thru 5
  • K22090 Withdrawal Bulb
  • K23311 Rubber Stopper for Viscometer Tube, pk/12
  • 355-001-001 White Mineral Oil, 1 Gallon 
  • 355-001-003 White Mineral Oil, 5 Gallon 
  • 250-000-120C ASTM 120C Thermometer, 40 °C Test Temperature 
  • 250-000-121C ASTM 121C Thermometer, 100 °C Test Temperature

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