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LR 1000 control complete package

The LR 1000 control is a cost efficient, modular laboratory reactor designed for optimizing chemical reaction processes as well as for mixing, dispersing and homogenization applications at the laboratory scale. The system can be adapted quickly and easily for a wide range of applications and specific requirements. The reactor is especially designed for the unique applications requirements that define the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. The temperature of the medium can be as high as 120 ºC. The temperature of the heating source, which is located at the bottom of the vessel, is controlled accordingly to reach the set temperature inside the medium. A PT 100.30 temperature sensor and the corresponding receptacle LR 1000.61 for the lid are included with this package. Prominent features of the LR 1000 control system are the integrated pH sensor connection and the display interface. The latter allows for the display of all process-relevant data onto a PC, save data storage and control of the reactor. The software (accessory) allows for further adaptation of the overall system and processes.
Metals in contact with medium: stainless steel ( ALSI 316 L), FFKM, PTFE, PEEK, borosilicate glass 3.3


- Large easy to read TFT display for better image quality and easy navigation

- Integrated weighing function

- Torque trend measurement indicates changes in product viscosity

- Integrated pH sensor connection

- RS 232 and USB interface to operate the unit with the laboratory software labworldsoft

- Standard joint fittings on the lid: 2 x NS 29, 2x NS 14, 2 x GL 14 for flexible adaptation of further equipment

- Expandable for use with the ULTRA- TURRAX® T 25 digital (Accessory)

- Vacuum valve included with delivery

- Anchor stirrer with PTFE-scrapers

- Connections to attach a cooling source to the back of the unit

- Manual adjustable safety circuit

- Integrated safety shutdown when vessel or lid is removed from the base


Package includes :

- LR 1000 control Package

- RC 2 basic

- labworldsoft®

- H.PUR.8.R Tube (2x)

- LR 1000.70 Lid Holder


Technical data :

Speed max. : 150rpm

Speed min. : 10rpm

Viscosity max. : 100000mPas

Support rod diameter (with integrated fastening on stand) : 16mm

Attainable vacuum : 25mbar

Nominal torque : 3Nm

Heat output : 1000W

Usable volume max. : 1000ml

Speed min (adjustable) : 10rpm

Permissible ON time : 100%

Temperature measurement resolution : 0.1K

Heat control accuracy of medium with sensor : 0.2±K

Voltage : 230V

Weight : 16kg

Working temperature max. : 120°C

Cooling medium temperature min. : 3°C

Depth : 295mm

Width : 443mm

Height : 360mm

Power input : 1200W

Weighing resolution : 1g

Weighing range max. :2000g

Usable volume without disperser tool min. : 500ml

Usable volume with disperser tool min. : 300ml

Speed deviation : 5±rpm

Cooling medium permissible operating pressure : 1bar

Adjustable safety circuit, upper temperature value : 225°C

Adjustable safety circuit, lower temperature value : 47°C

Adjustable safety circuit, lower temperature value deviation : 10±K

Adjustable safety circuit, upper temperature value deviation : 20±K

Set temperature resolution : 1±K

Heating temperature max. : 180°C

Safety cutout : yes

Display for operation with ext. sensor : yes

Reversible direction of rotation : no

Stirring element fastening : special output shaft

Torque display : yes

Speed display : TFT

Type of cooling : flow

Speed control : 1 RPM steps

RS 232 interface : yes

Timer : yes

Protection class according to DIN EN 60529 : IP 21

USB interface : yes

Connection for ext. temperature sensor : PT 100

Temperature display : yes

Torque measurement : trend

Timer display : TFT

Material in contact with medium : AISI 316L, 1.4571, borosilicate glass 3.3, PTFE, PEEK, FFKM

pH value display : TFT

Permissible ambient temperature min. : 5°C

Permissible ambient temperature max. : 40°C

Frequency : 50/60Hz

Permissible relative humidity : 80%

pH meter interface : yes

Reactor vessel openings (units/standard) : 2x NS 29/32, 2x NS 14/23 & 2x GL 14

Safety temperature sensor : PT1000

Working temperature sensor : PT 100

Working temperature display : TFT

Safety temperature display : TFT

Heat control : TFT

Analog output : no

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