SK SATO Cat.No.1737-00 CO2 Monitor Type : SK-50CTH

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Specification of SK SATO Cat.No.1737-00 CO2 Monitor Type : SK-50CTH


 Proposes when to ventilate

The LED light changes its color in three patterns and the buzzer beeps corresponding to CO2 level.

It suggests you a best time for ventilation.

 Visible indication

A clear green digital display enables easy reading of measured values.

The brilliance of the values and the light are adjustable.


 What is CO2 level?

CO2 level, or CO2 concentration stands for density of CO2 in the air by volume, and is expressed in units of ppm (parts per million). The global average CO2 level in 2019 was 410 ppm, and is estimated to be several tens of ppm higher in urbanized areas.

Due to the breaths exhaled from people the CO2 level in a closed room increases in general.

 Risks in high CO2 level

Each breath exhaled from a person contains around 40000 ppm of CO2 thus the level in a closed room increases. If the level in the whole air exceeds approximately 30000 ppm, it can be harmful to life.

Of course it wouldn't be that high in a normal condition, but it is true that the risk of occurrence of a cluster of infection disease arises in closed, poorly ventilated spaces. Measurement of CO2 level is thus an effective method to discover bad ventilation.

 Thresholds of safe CO2 level

The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends that the indoor CO2 level should not exceed 1000 ppm, and many governments such as those of the USA and Japan issue the same level of regulations.


Cat. No.1737-00
Product nameCO2 Monitor
Model nameSK-50CTH
Measuring rangeCO2 level: 200 to 5000 ppm
Temperature: 0.0 to 50.0°C
Humidity: 10.0 to 95.0%rh
Measurement accuracyCO2 level±5%rdg or ±50 ppm whichever is larger (200 to 3000 ppm)
±7%rdg (other)
Temperature±0.6°C (20.0 to 40.0°C)
±1.0°C (other)
Humidity±5.0%rh (40.0 to 70.0%rh, 20 to 30°C)
±7.0%rh (other)
ResolutionCO2 level: 1 ppm
Temperature: 0.1°C
Humidity: 0.1%rh
Operation ambient−10 to 50°C without condensing
Sampling timeCO2 level: 5 sec.
Temperature, humidity: 2 sec.
AlarmRangeBetween 800 and 3000 ppm in steps of 100 ppm
Volume64 dB (from 10 cm away)
MaterialCase: ABS resin
Panel: Acrylic glass
Dimensions226 (W) x 152 (H) x 45 (D) mm
Weight450 g
Power5 VDC, 500 mA via USB Type-C terminal
Standard accessoriesUSB cable x1, AC adapter x1, instruction manual

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