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Sotax medium preparation
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Specification of Sotax medium preparation

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Specification : • Digital Microprocessor control with 10 program • LCD Graphic display temp setting 25 to 45 c • Preparation capacity 10 or 20 L switchable, Vacuum range 0 – 0.5 bar • Range Dosing Pump accuracy for 80 – 1000 ml +/- 1% of Volume • Preparation time 10/20 min, medium feed rate range 0 – 2500 ml/min • The accuracy is > 99.5% compliance with USP requirement • Simultaneously degassed and heated by one brand word thin Film technology • Degassed/ removed from the media up to 60% of total oxygen dissolved • Mobile and space saving, use of the concentrate by online preparation • Automatically emptying and cleaning For different media Change • The media reservoir entire tubing and valve systemare thoroughly flushed to avoid Contaminating the subsequent media

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