Portable Cup Anemometer LUTRON AM4257-SD

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29 Jan 2024
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* Cup anemometer, available for the outside air speed Temperature Automatic temp. compensation for the measurement and recording. Compensation Anemometer function and the type K/ J
* Cup probe is built in tripod fix nut. thermometer.
* Air velocity : m/ S, Ft/ min, Km/ h, Knots, Mile/ h, Memory Recall Maximum & Minimum value.
* Air temperature (  , ) Sampling Time Approx. 1 second.
* Type K, Type J thermocouple thermometer. of Display
* Air Temp. used thermistor sensor, fast response time. Data Output RS 232/ USB PC computer interface.
* Real time SD memory card Datalogger, it Built-in Clock * Connect the optional RS232 cable and Calendar, real time data recorder , sampling time set UPCB-02 will get the RS232 plug. from 1 second to 3600 seconds. * Connect the optional USB cable
* Manual datalogger is available ( set the sampling USB-01 will get the USB plug. time to 0 ) , during execute the manual datalogger Operating 0 to 50  . function, it can set the different position ( location ) No. Temperature ( position 1 to position 99 ) . Operating Less than 85% R.H.
* Innovation and easy operation, computer is not need Humidity to setup extra software, after execute datalogger, just Power Supply * AAlkaline or heavy duty DC 1.5 V battery take away the SD card from the meter and plug in the ( UM3, AA ) x 6 PCs, or equivalent. SD card into the computer, it can down load the all the * ADC 9V adapter input. ( AC/ DC power measured value with the time information ( adapter is optional ) . year/ month/ date/ hour/ minute/ second ) to the Excel Power Current Normal operation ( w/ o SD card save directly, then user can make the further data or graphic data and LCD Backlight is OFF) :  analysis by themselves. Approx. DC 15 mA.
* SD card capacity : 1 GB to 16 GB. When SD card save the data and LCD
* LCD with green light backlight, easy reading. Backlight is OFF) : 
* Can default auto power off or manual power off. Approx. DC 36 mA.
* Data hold, record max. and min. reading. Weight 347 g/ 0.76 LB. * Meter only
* Microcomputer circuit, high accuracy. Dimension Main instrument : 
* Power by UM3/ AA ( 1.5 V ) x 6 batteries or DC 9V adapter. 182 x 73 x 47.5 mm
* RS232/ USB PC COMPUTER interface. ( 7.1 x 2.9 x 1.9 inch ) 

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